Choose your Khôlles Package with Marie-Helene Cussac for CGE English Orals and select a time in the calendarIn January 2021, some of you asked for Khôlles Packages, so I did it!
You can indeed:

  • choose how much & when to prepare for your upcoming English orals in June
  • schedule your khôlles whenever is more practical and strategic for you.

Just call 06 72 67 52 57 and pick a time in the calendar!


The 5 Khôlles Package • € 170
The 10 Khôlles Package • € 290

Each khôlle is modelled according to the actual CGE oral and takes place the same way as it does at the Prépa.

You get detailed and constructive feedback from a Grande Ecole jury (11 years of experience).