A man is having an online interview and is looking at his computer screen. I help you with structure & content of your CGE English oral.
I teach you the what, how & why.
I train you to be comfortable orally.

How is the oral taking place on D-Day? How do I do a transition? How much may I open up in the commentary? What is the cultural style of an English oral?

28 October 2020, 6pm – 14 April 2021, 6pm


Dear students-friends,
the Education Nationale’s decision to stop khôlles in the spring 2020 came as a shock. So I created this platform so you could stay focused and be able to train no matter what. I personally refused that you lost the benefit of your hard work and stopped improving just because on-site training may not be available!

Let’s meet online: I designed online trainings so you can train & improve your khôlles.

3 Packages To Choose From:

  • The Optimum Programme : four 60-mn sessions per month

This 6-month programme is for ambitious and hard-working students who want to pass their English oral of the Grandes Ecoles Concours with flying colours. In this programme, you get the full support from a Grande Ecole (ESCP) professor & English jury member; we schedule one individual 60-minute session per week to fast track you to a total mastery of the exam production. I will give you crucial feedback and the tools you need to manage structure, transitions, conclusions, and the dynamics of the oral with the jury. As a former media professional, I will also offer you specific training in English pronunciation, communication skills, and stress management techniques for enhanced self-confidence. I will grant you total access to me by phone and email. This is the most popular programme and produces the best results because you get the maximum guidance from me.

  • The Basic Programme : three 60-mn sessions per month

This 3-month programme is for students who’d like professional advice from an English jury member of Grandes Ecoles Concours to take consistent action in improving their oral production; they share with me the specific difficulties which come up, and feel they don’t need to speak with me every week for that. In this programme, we schedule three 60-minute sessions per month, more or less one a week; these trouble-shooting sessions help you improve faster than you would on your own.

This 10-session programme is for students who like working in teams within a community of Prepa students and who feel they do not need personal guidance from an experimented English jury member of the Grandes Ecoles Concours 100% for themselves ; you all meet with me once a week for a one 60-minute session. I teach you everything from posture to vocal delivery, differences in French and English-style orals, how to take notes for maximum efficiency, how to build a transition, a commentary, a conclusion, stress-management techniques, mistakes-shooting recipes, etc. so you have all tools in hand for a great English oral at the Concours.
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Here’s What You’ll Get…

Weekly Live Training with me to make faster progress: FOCUS • STRUCTURE • SUCCEED

Weekly Access to me – direct Q&A so you can get answers to your specific questions; I am here to help you face your own difficulties in terms of grammar, vocabulary, style, and most importantly the management of your stress.

A Powerful Member Community with whom to share & challenge your ideas, bring your questions, and make friends for your future career! It is a members-only Community.

Individual coaching takes place via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, BlueJeans, up to you!
Community coaching takes place on Zoom.

See you soon!